Week 16: Fear

“everything you wanted is on the other side of fear” they say… I didn’t disappear for 9 weeks from the MasterKey journey.  I was still quietly working in background, doing the readings and reprogramming my subconscious.  But the reason I stopped recording my journey all boiled down to fear.  Fear of being judged of what I wrote of my experience.  Fear of not experiencing the same growth in my journey as others have.  Fear of looking stupid.  Fear of not sounding part of the mastermind group.  Fear of not linking the weekly lessons to my weekly experience.  Fear of not … Continue reading Week 16: Fear

Week 7: Stranger to Myself

It’s been a calm 7 weeks journey so far of changes, new habits, improvement, mental detox and consistency and nothing really startled me until one specific incident….   It was a very windy and cold Tuesday in Toronto and it was garbage/ recycle day.  Driving back home, I already knew I would not be expecting to see my garbage bin and recycle box neatly sitting on my lawn due to the crazy wind.  At most, I thought they would end up half way across the complex either in a jumble with other bins or at a curb.  Pulling up to … Continue reading Week 7: Stranger to Myself

WK 3-6: High Definition Blur

One thing happened after another and three weeks past in a blink of an eye.  It was a blurry three weeks but I remember a few key points here and there. My biggest struggle that lead to a downfall spiral was staying on top of the readings and writings.  It was a struggle to implement new habits into my daily schedule on a consistent basis.  Some days I would be able to complete all the required Greatest Salesman readings, some days I forget a segment here and there.  Some days I remember to read my DMP three times a days, … Continue reading WK 3-6: High Definition Blur

Wk 2: Take Over

Wrapping up the second week of my Master Key journey this weekend with interesting reflections on past 14 days or so. Since starting this journey, I became more aware of the voice in my head, of the thoughts I have about daily situations and of the emotions generated by the situations.  All shared a particular and similar phenomenon.  The voice in my head was filled with an unfamiliar positive guidance.  My initial thoughts on daily situations would be on the bright side of things.  My emotions and reactions would gravitate towards the positive side as well.  This was an unfamiliar … Continue reading Wk 2: Take Over

Wk 1: Start Line

I was full of emotions approaching my starting line: excited, fear, curious and overwhelmed. Excited: The Whited family whom I admire and look up to dearly decided to take the MasterKey journey as part of their personal growth previously.  I’ve only heard them speak at seminars, but this family speaks with wisdom and leads with their heart.  I am so excited to take part of the same system that helped them on their personal growth journey. Fear: Before any growth, we all must look at ourselves in the mirror and acknowledge our dark and dirty imperfections.  I fear digging up … Continue reading Wk 1: Start Line


Today marks the day I decided to commit to the MasterKey journey.  It’s amazing how this Universe times every event and It definitely makes sure my life is eventful every day. Yesterday, I just finished an accountability group to get my momentum up again.   Today,  I am starting a new wave of journey and challenges to reprogram my brain and find my Golden Buddha. Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton   Continue reading Commitment